Elizabeth & Martin

Anglers Rest, Dublin
…Many thanks for all your hard work as photographer for our German-Irish Wedding on 15 February 2013. We absolutely love our photographs !

We really appreciate all the time and effort you put in before, during and after the wedding, to ensure that photographs taken were just right for us. We wanted to have a photographer that would think “outside the box” and after seeing your portfolio of work, we knew that we had made the right decision. Wedding photographs need to last the test of time and capture the essence of the moment they are taken. We were amazed with the shots you took. You have a great talent to spot just the right moment to take the photo with an extremely clever and creative style. We didn’t just want photos of ourselves, but unobtrusive ones of our guests and surroundings and you didn’t disappoint us. We received some great compliments from our family and friends.

Your idea of arriving at the wedding venue before the guests arrived was an inspiration. You don’t normally expect the Bride and Groom to meet before the actual ceremony. but in fact, it was a great idea as we got an opportunity to have some really great shots taken in a relaxed manner, well before anyone arrived. You really put us both at ease and you can see this from the photos.

Also, the fact that you actually visited our venue, before the big day was great. You already knew the kind of shots you wanted to take and this instilled a great confidence in us that all would go well on the day.

The added bonus was your makeup artist who was on hand, firstly to do the Bridal makeup (and some for the Groom!) and secondly she perfectly advised both of us on the best way to pose for the shot. Very professional, both of you! We felt we were in safe hands.
It was a long day but the quality of shots never diminished!

You went above and beyond our expectations, so a really Big Thank You for on the amazing job you’ve done – these photos are perfect and will bring back warm memories of our special day, which we will treasure for years to come…

All the best and kind personal regards,

Mr & Mrs Martin & Elizabeth Bergmann, 15 February 2013, Dublin, Ireland.