Photography style. Something to follow or create?

Wedding photography is still a field where I can catch real tears or let you laugh watching yourselves in an album. Natural reportage photography style which I’m so much addicted to, lets me surprise people with photographs of the moments they didn’t even notice during the day.

photography style changes

It always amazes me, how simple things seemed to be years ago. There were not as many goods as nowadays available in the past, but somehow people seemed to have same or even more fun and enjoyment from life. Nobody heard about internet, social media or digital technologies. Photography was much more about skills, discovering, knowledge and experience then just image manipulation. Photographers had to study much more, plan and get prepared prior to photo shoot. Any mistake meant photographs loss with no return. All these were resulting in trust to photographers as specialists and experienced professionals. You went to the studio and got your few attempts to look good, make a nice face and smile, trusting that photographer had done his homework: lights, backgrounds and surroundings were properly set. Nobody could even dream about seeing images right after the shoot! Well, it wasn’t difficult to predict how the photograph was going to look like, so nobody expected anything more than that.

Old wedding photography style

It is quite dfficult to talk about photography style in regard to those times, I would rather say, style meant more or less particular set of backgrounds or the way photographer was arranging people on a stage. Add various developing process on top of it and that’s entire style! But, which is important, photography was much more personal, and the entire photo production process was creating connection between photographer and customer – opposite to almost annonymous image production we know today.

This is either fascinating and terrifying how technology and massive access to new ways of expression have changed our minds, self esteem, needs and expectations. Technology and social media progress with all its pros, seem to have at least one big minus – real, interpersonal connection with others suffers a lot. Moreover, nowadays it’s much easier to make photography a business, but much harder to preserve that passion side of it which makes it unique.¬†People focus on expensive cameras and equipment and tend to forget about catching people’s nature on photographs, since we can change literally everything using graphic software. Well, one could name it a great opportunity to be creative…I agree. But people’s role has also changed from subjets to objects and this I find very sad. Emotions are and always will be my priority.

Reportage photography style