Photography style. Something to follow or create?

Wedding photography is still a field where I can catch real tears or let you laugh watching yourselves in an album. Natural reportage photography style which I’m so much addicted to, lets me surprise people with photographs of the moments they didn’t even notice during the day.

photography style changes

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Dear All,
Yes, I Do…Wedding Art Photography would like to wish you a Joyous Holiday Season – the love of family, the gift of true friends and the best of everything! Happy New Year and let your dreams come true!


Kind regards,

Yet another wedding photographer


I can bet, the reason why you are here is nothing else, but your own wedding day getting closer and closer. Awesome! I hope to answer  many of your questions here, and share some experience as wedding photographer so you can make your choices more accurately and confidently.  There is a lot of things you may wish to ask about, don’t hesitate.

Wedding  day and all its fleeting moments can be a great inspiration for passionate photographer. It really amazes me how, one could say, clichéd ceremony, can be so much different and unique.

The idea of this blog is not only to clarify most common considerations brides may have, and let you know photographer’s point of view at the wedding. I would really appreciate for your input, questions  and comments here, so I can improve my service and we create useful information space together. One may think, being a wedding photographer is all about having a better camera and holding a professional title…well, not really.

Attitude is the key.

I would like to hear about your expectations, doubts, considerations. How do you imagine your perfect wedding photographer yourselves?

Kind regards,